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Vision for Change

In the wake of tragedy, we found unity. In the midst of sorrow, we discovered dialogue. From the beginning, our journey has always been about bridging the divide and fostering respect. 

Visions for Change is a beacon of hope in a world longing for transformation. As a non-profit dedicated to positive transformation through meaningful conversations and the power of the arts, we strive to create lasting change and cultivate community through unity!

Ready to make a difference? Stand with Visions for Change!

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Mission Statement

To create equitable spaces and dynamic programming that disrupt systemic and social biases. To foster a community where diversity is foundational, and all voices are empowered to contribute.

What We Do!

Every voice matters! Stand with us as we change the world one conversation and event at a time.


Advocacy through Community

Our Community Conversation is not just a meeting - it's a haven where everyone is welcome, regardless of race, gender, orientation, religious belief, or political affiliation.


Advocacy through Art

Music isn't just good entertainment.  It's one of the ways we continue to bring multicultural, multigenerational audiences together to experience the emotional and transformational power of music.


Advocacy through Education

Working together to stand for and with those in spaces where they are facing discrimination, racism, or any type of injustice. 

Who we support?

Building a better, stronger more unified community requires we not only work together but that we support the efforts of other organizations doing the work.. Check out some ot the work our Community Partners are doing.


Events with Purpose

Conversations with others ready to make an impact and change the world.

How We Learn

We must engage with each other in order to learn from each other.  We must engage with all people - those with whom we agree and disagree.  Those of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Those with different gender orientations.  If we only engage within our own echo chambers there can be no growth.  We learn from each other.  Visions for Change continues to provide opportunities for various types of engagement. 

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We are striving to promote growth by creating a more unified community through education, the arts, and conversation. Your donations help provide training for our staff so that we can better equip individuals with the tools it takes to take this work into the world. 

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